A New Workbook Series by GoStrengths!

A new series of workbooks is now available on Amazon, featuring characters and concepts from the GoStrengths! and GoZen! programs.

The Most Unique Anxiety Relief Workbook for Your Child in the Universe

We know that children suffering from chronic worry are more susceptible to life-long struggles with anxiety related disorders. We also know that there are practical, powerful techniques children can learn to reduce worry and manage stress. The GoZen! program offers research-based, one-of-a-kind tools to teach your child how to do just that. In this story-based workbook, your child will take an adventure with characters from all over the universe to learn practical tools they can implement right now to start overcoming their worry. Free, downloadable practice exercises are also included.

What’s Right with This Picture? Teaching Kids Character Strengths Through Stories 

We want the best for our kids. In the pursuit of their greatest well-being, we often take a path of rooting out “what’s wrong” and fixing it. But what if living a good life goes beyond reducing the problems our children face? What if it is equally important to teach kids to seek out “what’s right”? Turns out the research supports this notion.

Helping our children identify, apply, and nurture their character strengths is a 21st century life skill which is associated with greater life satisfaction, engagement in school, academic success, and overall well-being. What we know is as important as it is to reduce the problems facing our children, it is equally as important to nurture what is right. In this, they have the tools to thrive and create positive connections to the larger world.