Widdle the Worrier Plush Toy

Widdle the Worrier helps bring your child’s worry to life! Now, why would you want to do that? Well, as you probably know, ignoring anxiety doesn’t usually work. But personifying worry can help your child take an abstract idea like anxiety and make it palpable.

With the Widdle the Worrier stuffed toy, your child has a way to separate worried thoughts from rational thoughts, to externalize frustration and give their worry a voice, and most importantly, to practice research-based techniques out loud to help them reduce worry.

Encourage your child to be playful and even poke fun at how Widdle the Worrier overreacts. Your child can assign responsibility to Widdle for their worries (“It’s not me, it’s Widdle acting a little out of control”). You can also use Widdle to effectively role-play, working together with your child to talk to Widdle logically.

Widdle has 10 tips inside of him that he likes to share when you squeeze his tummy. Aside from all of these benefits, Widdle is just plain cute! Get yours today.

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