Podcast: Talks with GoZen! about Child Anxiety Relief

This interview of Renee Jain was originally published by AnxietySlayer on iTunes

Shann talks with Renee Jain a positive psychology practitioner and creator of the GoStrengths! and GoZen! programs for teaching children and teens how to relieve their anxiety.

Interview questions:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
  2. Tell us a little bit about GoZen! I know you use animations, can you tell us a little more?
  3. You talk about 1 big myth that we operate under… something you believe is contributing to the epidemic of anxiety disorders – can you tell us about that myth?
  4. We hear a lot of stories on the news about the anxiety rates in kids going up and their stress levels increasing – do you see this trend in your work? What do you think is going on with kids today?
  5. I know that your programs are based on the science of positive psychology. For our listeners that aren’t familiar with that, can you tell us a little more?
  6. Are there any tips you can provide right now that may help a parent who has a child who is suffering from anxiety?
  7. I know that your programs are taught in schools, what kind of schools are adopting the programs? Are they teaching the life skills from your programs to all the kids or a certain group?

Listen to the interview here: Renee Jain GoZen Interview


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