GoHackify! Online OCD Relief Program for Kids & Parents

GoHackify! is the newest full program from GoZen!, made for children who are engaging in ritual behavior or plagued with repetitive, negative thoughts that won’t stop coming back. This program follows Kai and Sage; two normal kids whose intrusive thoughts are affecting their everyday life. The Dynamos (Character Strength superheroes) step in to teach them how to combat their “Brain Spam” and take back control of their lives!

GoHackify! teaches kids research-based methods to understand and manage OCD, including:

  • How to identify and deal with obsessive thoughts that can’t be ignored
  • How to disengage from rituals
  • How to face, embrace, and overcome the anxiety associated with OCD

View full details of the GoHackify! OCD Online program at www.gozen.com!